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Special needs pets

Friday, March 24, 2006


Because of the problems Joey has in the past, I always did a thorough health check on him every morning when I got up. The past two weeks he looked *astoundingly* healthy, and I was beginning to think he might be over whatever was causing him so many problems. Until today when I woke up with a massive headache and went back to bed. When I *did* get up, he seemed okay and was playing his typical "buzz off freak" game with Sethie(my cat, who forms abnormal bonds with Lagomorphs and wants to be their bonded buddy)... So I didn't think twice as I simply gave Sethie a warning to leave them alone.

This was about noon.

I came back a few minutes before 2, and saw Graf running around and being her usual happy busy self. Joey was usually more laid back, but he was poitioned between the door of his cage and the upside down igloo, and this would never have been a place he chose to lay. He always stayed with Grafton until she was ready to nap too. So I went to check him. I knew from past experience he was dying when I picked him up and he didn't move in response, either to kick in protest or cling to me in agreement to some love and attention.

He was crashing fast. Mom called the vet but they told us to call some other vet, which probably means Dr. Dawn was out today. But by the time I went to call the other vet, it was pretty obvious that he was not going to make it long enough. So we made the same decision we did with Pipsqueak, and gave him some insulin to speed up the process before he hit the seizures-and-suffocation portion of death. It worked, and he only gasped once-- something I remedied with a few breathes to his open mouth... And he just... drifted away.

I am so thoroughly devastated by this, but I knew he probably wouldn't live very long. Being the runt and having the problems he had, I'm glad he had a good six months of love and happiness.

I've changed my mind about lionheads. I'm going to stick with Japanese. They are so precious, intelligent and sweet.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006



This is a new website with authoritative ratings and detailed reviews on toys for kids with special needs. Not sure how it would work for pets with special needs, but you never know. It's run by the National Lekotek Center and is very helpful. Most of the toys have links to purchase toys online. Otherwise, you can print out the review and find the toys in stores or online on your own.

Let your friends and therapists know about this website. There's a helluva of information there, including play ideas etc, and it's a great way to ensure your kid will get a fun toy that they can both use and learn from on their birthday or whenever.


Example rating...

Monday, March 13, 2006


Joey had his first outdoor excursion today, that didn't involve the car or the vet. I took him out to sit outside in the beautiful weather. It was a bit warm and sunny though, so it only lasted about four minutes. Then followed up by a drink of water. But he seemed to enjoy the fresh air.


6:45PM - Welcome!

Welcome to Special Needs Pets. This is a community for people who own any kind of pet with any kind of special needs. I'm Amy. I live in PA and have five bunnies, two of whom are blind. I also have a dog who is brain damaged from substanial abuse from her previous owner, who basically beat the poor sweet thing to within an inch of her life. She has permanent brain damage from that, but I love her to death anyway. Her name is Tina Jean, but we call her T, TT or Booboo. My bunnies are japanese/harlequin and are named Grafton (Graf, Teapot, BunnyBeeeeatch) and Joey (Joe, BlindBoy, Bubby, Panda). I have another dog and cats as well.